Seven Grandfather Teachings – Fall

The West section represents the Fall months. During this time, we must show appreciation for Sage, Water, and middle-aged adults. The West has the Bison with its helper, the Black Bear.

HUMILITY {Édbeséndowen}:
Humility is to know that we are a part of creation. We must always consider ourselves equal to one another. We should never think of ourselves as being better or worse than anyone else. Humility comes in many forms. This includes compassion, calmness, meekness, gentleness, and patience. We must reflect on how we want to present ourselves to those around us. We must be aware of the balance and equality with all of life, including humans, plants, and animals.

HONESTY {Gwékwadsewen}:
Facing a situation is to be brave, but having the courage to not only do the right thing, but also saying it, is honesty. We must allow truth to be our guide. We must first be honest with ourselves. This will allow us to be honest with others. We must give full value to both the efforts of our own and others. When we walk through life with integrity, it is then that we know honesty. Be truthful and trustworthy. We must also remember to accept and act on truths through straightforward and appropriate communication.